Dive the Rainbow Warrior

One of New Zealand's premiere wreck dives Dive the Rainbow Warrior, one of New Zealand's premiere wreck dives.

The Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace's flagship on its way to protest France's nuclear testing on the Mururoa Atoll when it was sunk by French saboteurs on July 10, 1985, in Auckland Harbour. Three years after the bombing Greenpeace gifted the Warrior to the sea and she now lies as an artificial reef in the Cavalli Island group, a refuge for the marine life she was sunk trying to protect.

At a max depth of 27m the Warrior is now home to a huge variety of aquatic life and is a world renowned dive site.

The Warrior is an amazing dive and truly is the 'Jewel of the North'.

"When man has destroyed the world through his greed, the Warriors of the Rainbow will arise to save it again".


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